The Marble Mountain of Da Nang

Welcome to the Marble Mountain, Da Nang

On the 6th day of our pleasant stay in Hoi An, we extended our motorbike rental for another day to see the Marble Mountain. We dare not take the bus again after the annoying incident which happened the last time we went to Da Nang.

The street leading to the entrance of Marble Mountain

You’ll know you’ve reached the place when you see the street with the stalls selling all kinds of marble figures. Buddha, dragons, tigers.. name it! Everything you can think of, made of marble. What do you expect? Welcome to Marble Mountain!

Whew! Climbing the steps leading to the pagoda was tiring!

The entrance fee is 15,000 dong (US $.85). Be ready to climb cemented steps to see the caves and pagodas.

Steps going up the Marble Mountain

There were several vendors selling cold drinks if you get thirsty from your trek up the mountain. Thanks to sponsored concrete seats scattered all around, you can enjoy your drink and have a good rest too!

I'm not a Buddha but a beautiful and graceful apsara =p

It took us the whole afternoon to explore all the caves, pagodas and altars all around the sacred mountain.

I think I'll just wait outside..

Inside one of the caves

The temperature inside the cave drops a bit. A relief from the humid afternoon.

Natural light source brighten the caves

Buddhas were all over the place!

Round and happy Buddha

Buddha on a lotus flower

Meditating Buddha

More Buddhas!

A panoramic view of Da Nang from the Marble Mountain reward the one who sweat it out.


Da Nang from Marble Mountain

We saw China Beach from afar so we decided to drive there to see the beautiful beach up close.

On the way to China Beach, here’s what we saw on the main road.. Cows! We have to stop to take photos.

We saw local men collecting seashells when we arrived China Beach. They sell it for 3,000 dong per can.

A last look of Marble Mountain from China Beach before heading back to Hoi An.