My Blog Roll

I could easily spend a whole afternoon reading these great blogs. If you still don’t have them on your list, don’t waste time! These blogs are highly recommended to provide you valuable travel tips, appetizing recipes, must-visit restaurants, humorous yet exciting adventures, astounding photos, and everything beautiful under the sun.

Read on and make sure to check each of these blogs out! =) Do check my blog roll from time to time as I’ll be adding new blogs I stumbled upon along the way!

Almost Fearless

Art of Backpacking

As We Travel

A Wandering Sole

A Whiff of Lemongrass

Bacon is Magic

Broken Secrets

Canvas of Light

Cumi dan Ciki

Dutch Pickle

Everything Everywhere

Go Backpacking

Go, See, Write

Grrrl Traveler

Ivan About Town

Johnny Vagabond

Kyle Hepp

Legal Nomads

Malaysia Asia

My Beautiful Adventures

Nomadic Chick

Nomadic Matt

Pause the Moment


Runaway Juno

She’s In Love with the World

The Aussie Nomad

The Longest Way Home

Things I Hate About Backpacking

Traveling Savage

Unbrave Girl

Vietnam 720

Wandering Chopsticks

Wandering Earl

Where is Jenny?



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