The starfish is alive!

I learned to swim and snorkel at age 8 in preparation for a week-long family vacation to Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro. This was way back in the 80’s but I would never forget the first time I snorkel and saw amazingly colorful corals, schools of fish and of course the starfish. I was astonished to see a star-shaped creature under the sea! But it wasn’t moving.. so I thought it was just another shell or small coral.

Fast forward to 2008. My friend and I went backpacking around Oriental Mindoro, and randomly picked the municipality of Bulalacao to visit. After talking with some locals on their recommended places to see, we were convinced to take a boat for Ph P600 (US $12) to see the serene and beautiful island of Tambaron. More on our stay at Tambaron Green Island Resort on a future blog post.

There were no other tourists! The huge, charming island all to ourselves!

We shared the island with all these gorgeous starfish.

I had the chance to see a starfish up close and finally I discovered, it is indeed alive and moving!

I was a bit apprehensive to touch it at first. Who knows what poisonous matter comes out of it as defensive act when touched by human!

The first sign of life! Small tentacles coming out of its body when turned upside down.

One of its legs starts to move! Was it just my imagination?

Was it the water ripple creating an illusion that the starfish is moving?

The starfish is indeed moving! It was trying to turn itself right side up!

I can’t help to think of Patrick Starfish of Spongebob Squarepants when I took this photo.

I hope I didn’t put the starfish under too much stress! It was amazing to observe it up close!

I guess not a lot of people know that a starfish can bend like the Cirque Du Soleil!

Almost there!

And… done!

Roughly 10 minutes for the starfish to turn right side up!

Nature is fascinating! I can’t help to feel glad to see the starfish move like watching it straight from the National Geographic Channel. And the fascination over the beauty of nature never ends. A beautiful sunset to cap our relaxing day in our private island.

13 thoughts on “The starfish is alive!

    • Yeah! The place was amazing. I will be writing more about the island on a future blog post =) I can’t help to feel sorry for the starfish though. I don’t know whether I put it in a lot of stress! Thanks for visiting!

  1. Awwwwwwww love it!!!!!!! How cute is this?? Wow..!! I’ve never seen this big, and this alive starfish before! The one I saw was just little one. Love it!

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