A day trip to My Son

On our 4th day in Hoi An, we were pleasantly surprised to see German couple, Werner and Ruth, whom we’ve met in Dalat. They are the coolest couple we’ve known. Both are retirees and regularly flies to Asia to escape the winter months in Germany. We chat, had coffee in one of the riverside cafe then planned to rent our own motorbikes and drive to the ruins of My Son, one of the tourist attractions just a few kilometers away from the ancient town of Hoi An, the next morning.

The ruins of My Son

We rent 3 motorbikes for the whole day; 1 automatic gear bike for 80,000 dong (US $4.57) for Ruth and 2 manual gear bike for 50,000 dong (US $2.85) each for Werner and Ming. Of course I shared the bike with Ming since I’m not as confident as Ruth to drive my own motorbike.

It took us an hour and a half to reach My Son. It was a pleasant bike ride because the weather was cool and not too sunny.

One of the less damaged structures in My Son

The entrance fee to see this UNESCO World Heritage Site is only 60,000 dong (US $3.42). Worth a visit if you have the time to spare.

How splendid the temples may have been. It’s just unfortunate that the war between the United States and Vietnam ruined most of the structures.

My Son Ruins

Our wonderful excursion with Werner and Ruth was capped by plates of cake, coffee and tea at Cargo Cafe. Mango cheesecake and chocolate cheesecake for only 25,000 dong (US $1.43) each! Really a must try.

We had excess petrol loaded on our motorbike so we decided to extend the rental for another day.

A trip to DaNang’s Marble Mountain on my next blog!

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    • Hi! Thanks for visiting! I’m a fan and a subscriber of your blog =) My 2 months backpacking experience in Vietnam is one of the best! Loved the food =) Looking forward to more Vietnamese cooking recipe at Wandering Chopsticks! =)

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