The day I rediscovered the goodness of coffee

My first day in Saigon (and everyday thereafter) was a quest for the delicious street food. I don’t even remember stepping in a restaurant all 6 days in Saigon. Always remember that the best place to try local food is the market.. so that’s where we went for breakfast. I had dry noodles topped with fried garlic, chili, bean sprouts, mint leaves and my favorite cilantro. I ordered an additional grilled prawn so the dish cost me 50,000 dong. I am not a fan of fish sauce but in Vietnam, the food is not perfect without it.. it just completes the over-all taste of the dish. Vietnamese fish sauce is not as salty as Philippine fish sauce. I should remind myself to buy a bottle or 2 the next time I visit Vietnam.

After breakfast, we walked the streets of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City in search for coffee. Almost every street have coffee shop houses and the best ones are always packed with locals, not tourists. It was a warm, sunny day so I ordered an iced coffee with milk for 8,000 dong. From that moment on, I was addicted. It’s like mocha ice cream.. the best coffee I had in a long time. I swear, the first Vietnamese term I learned and remember to this day is Cafe Sua Da.. which means iced coffee with milk. A small tin cup is used to let the coffee drip, after which you mix it with the condensed milk then pour in a glass with ice.

Some people find it too sweet but for me it was heaven..

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