This is it!

So it’s my second attempt for a blog.. and I chose the perfect timing! Today marks the Lunar New Year which incidentally falls on Valentines Day (oh it’s 3 minutes past 12 midnight! Hearts Day is officially over. Who cares anyways. From where I’m at, Valentines Day was totally overshadowed by the Chinese New Year celebrations). The month of February also commemorates a milestone.. it would be a year since I backpacked around mainland Southeast Asia. Family and friends have urged me to blog about my adventures… This is it! Asia through Asian eyes. I feel that most of the guidebooks available, like the Lonely Planet’s Southeast Asia on a Shoestring or Rough Guide to Southeast Asia on a Budget, is written with the Western traveler in mind. What is exotic for Westerners may be something ordinary for us Asians. I hope I could share with everyone useful tips and suggestions that would help in planning your next Southeast Asian destination. I am excited to retrospect on each place I have visited and share it here on my new blog! So for now, it is Asia as I see it and anything in between. Enjoy the journey!

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